I'd love to speak for you!

I am comfortable speaking to any audience. I love to challenge others to see the Bible in new ways and my favorite thing to do is bring the Bible alive for others.

I’m happy to work with your theme, your audience, and your needs to provide inspiration and practical takeaways for every person in attendance. I’m also happy to create a retreat theme for you!

Here are some of my favorite themes from past events and retreats:

Hope is Enough

Without hope, there is no means by which to move forward. In this powerful message, Tera explores the power of hope – where it is found as well as where it is not found. She will take you on an adventure through the lives of women found throughout the pages of Scripture revealing how hope impacted their comings, their goings, and their stayings.

This message will help you…

  • Rediscover a hope that’s been lost or misplaced.
  • Resurrect the unchanging truth that lies deep within you.
  • Refresh your faith in a way that reminds you that even a thread is enough.

I Am Woman: The Power of Our Stories

Each one of us has a story to tell. A story filled with victories and defeats, triumphs and trials, and chapters we just can’t make sense of. In this dynamic message, Tera shares what it means to be a woman today, and what she’s learned from the women of old. She’ll help you travel back into the Scriptures to hear these women tell their incredible stories of heartache and fear and power and purpose.
This message will help you…

  • Connect with the women of Scripture through your shared experiences.
  • Find camaraderie with your fellow sisters, reminding you you’re not alone.
  • Discover the power found in Believing.

Mountains: The Mountains We Climb, The Mountains God Moves, and The Mountains We Just Can’t Seem To Quit Circling

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, mountains are a necessary part of our journey on earth.
In this three-session message, Tera will explore what the mountains can teach us, how they can strengthen us, and what they reveal to us about who our God is.
Best suited for a full-day or two-day conference/retreat, attendees will be challenged to….

  • Face their mountains.
  • Name their mountains.
  • Conquer their fear of climbing their mountains.